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Virtuoso Voice Academy singing teachers and vocal coaches will teach students the fundamentals of singing, technique and breathing, the language of music, correct microphone technique and music theory relevant to their singing, learning, level, and experience. It will progressively become more advanced as students grow and develop more vocal ability and skills.


Aural skills (ear training) are a huge component of learning how to sing and understand music. This will be a part of the music theory and technique our teachers and coaches enrich each student during lessons, and a strong basis for all teaching methods at Virtuoso Voice Academy.

Virtuoso Voice Academy has a positive and enthusiastic environment with a strong emphasis on fun, building confidence and identity, helping facilitate and develop individuality and highly skilled all-rounded performers. Virtuoso Voice Academy will tailor their curriculum and teaching methods to match each students specific learning needs. Our modern approach to singing training and performance coaching offers so much more than a weekly private lesson.

Student & Family Responsibilities

Students agree to arrive to each lesson punctually, well-prepared and with their A4 folders and device (if they have one, iPad/iPod.) To ensure regular progress, quality practice outside of the weekly lessons is necessary. We want every student to grow into amazing, dynamic, and confident singers and performers and YOU will- if you PRACTICE! It’s a process that needs to be trusted.

If something is happening at home or school that is affecting students, please let us know, this allows our teachers to be sensitive to the needs of each student. A quick text on the way to lesson can make the difference between a great lesson and a difficult one. Communication is key! (All students are encouraged to play at our concerts dates to be announced annually)


Tuition costs covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but time preparing for each student as well. This Includes:

  • An individualised tailored plan for each student's learning and development

  • Progress to parents / communication

  • Training and Performance experience

  • Annual Concert

  • Local / community musical auditions and show opportunities

Registration & Enrolment Fee

Each student pays a ONE TIME YEARLY REGISTRATION & ENROLMENT FEE. This one-off annual fee helps with the running of multiple home music studios as well as the time spent doing things in addition to actual teaching of lessons such as: book-keeping, invoicing time, scheduling, staff training, sheet music and backing tracks purchases for students, time spent on emails, phone calls and texts / parent communication.

NB: When students enrol, they are reserving their place in the Academy for the entire year, day, and time. If you require to stop lessons or put them on hold, you must complete the term you are currently in until week 10. A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice must be given for cancelling or stopping of your lessons. There is no guarantee your time slot will be held, as the Academy has wait lists for students wanting to start.

Lessons and Fees

Tuition is charged by the school term (10 weeks per term) and is paid in 5 week lots. (2 INVOICES per term) Cash or direct bank transfer is acceptable. These invoices are emailed to you directly.

For lesson prices, please enquire via the contact form.

Weeks 1- 5 lessons, must be paid in advance to starting lessons in week 1 and the second invoice for weeks 6-10 lessons will be emailed on week 5 of term and paid in advance week 6 of the term. ALL School Holidays Virtuoso Voice Academy is CLOSED.


(If Make-up lessons are owed, these will be organised accordingly and subject to availability of the Teacher.)


(Adult students have the option to pay casually, however 24 hours still needed for cancellation of lessons, otherwise lesson is forfeited, and the lesson must be paid for in full.)

Cancellation Of Lessons Studio Policy

If you are unable to attend a lesson, FOR ANY REASON, due to a prior commitment or sickness/ illness, a minimum of 24 HOURS’ NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN, OR THE LESSON WILL BE FORFEITED. Virtuoso Voice Academy will always reschedule a MAKE-UP lesson if you have given our teachers adequate time (24hr notice) and cancelled as per the studio cancellation policy.

As all teachers at Virtuoso Voice Academy are working professionals in the industry, there are rare occasions teachers may need to cancel lessons due their own gigs/performances or in the rare case of a personal emergency. Virtuoso Voice Academy will always offer a make-up lesson in this case and make sure you complete your terms lessons in full. Make up lessons are subject to availability and will sometimes be on weekend time slots.

Vanessa Ellen Powell
Owner, Virtuoso Voice Academy

BA Hons MT, Adv Dip Mus, 0422949668

NB: ALL STAFF at Virtuoso Voice Academy have Working With Children Check that’s verified and have obtained their First Aid Certificate.


Thank you for accepting the terms and conditions, if this changes at any point please contact Vanessa. 

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